The perfect cup in the transformation


In 2016, our founders went to London, England, to learn about coffee knowledge and culture. We hope to provide a breathing room for the hard-working urbanites by starting a coffee shop and cheer them up with fragrant coffee. The first Coffee by Zion was born on the first street in Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong. Fascinating facade, a huge open platform to the street as an outdoor location, to sit well HEA, successfully create a leisurely pattern in Australia open-air Feel, suction LIKE first-class, concrete white-brick wall processing industry, the boss came from coffee shops and hotels, right Coffee and food requirements, in addition to all kinds of pastry bread, breakfast homemade oat Granola and cheese cream, with fresh fruit, there are vegetarian such as black truffle big mushroom Italian rice.


Since its establishment, Coffee by Zion has earned a reputation and has won numerous readership awards organized by local mainstream magazines or food websites. The era is advancing and the brand is changing, but our steadiness and humility remain the same, and the concept of customer first and customer service remains unchanged.



Our service aim is to provide customers with a spiritual gas station to slow down life and enjoy life. To fulfill our service commitments, we collect the best quality coffee beans from around the world, carefully modulate various types of coffee and beverages, coordinate with diversified products, provide daily fresh produce and food choices, complete coffee shop facilities, and easy soft music. We carefully care for the needs of our guests and let them enjoy every minute and every second of Coffee by Zion.


Not only do we provide high-quality coffee, delicious food and a comfortable environment for our guests, we also hope to provide customers with the most advanced technology support services through the Internet facilities in the store.


Whether it is leisurely business or business needs, our Internet facilities have been widely welcomed by customers to provide the best and most advanced information services. Whether it is an impromptu business meeting, browsing the web, or enjoying online audio-visual entertainment, we hope to provide more service options to every customer who has mastered the latest technology, and strive to bring the most advanced products to customers through the Internet facilities in the store. Communication service. We are committed to contributing to the society in a spirit of giving back to society. Apart from participating in various social activities organized by various charitable and voluntary organizations, we are also concerned about environmental protection.


Coffee by Zion's success depends on a group of outstanding frontline employees. Our employees carefully provide every customer with attentive service and prepare each cup of aromatic coffee drinks for customers. We focus on on-the-job training for employees of different ranks to help strengthen the staff's service level and build confidence in communicating with customers.


Coffee by Zion was officially established in 2017. Since 2019, Coffee by Zion has expanded its business territory overseas. The development of the next ten years will become a huge coffee group. The number of stores in China will expand to more than 300. The number of branches in Taiwan will expand to more than 100, and the number of branches in Hong Kong will expand to more than 50. This will become Asia Pacific's relish. The legend of coffee.


Coffee by Zion
Addr:Shop 1, Chun King Court, 83 First Street Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong
Tel:2857 1838
Office Hours8:00 - 18:00