董事長: 某某某

At present, the global economic landscape is in a period of reconstruction: the old structure has been broken and will never be returned. The new pattern needs to be established and the process is still full of changes. However, among the many uncertainties, China will play a leading role in the new global order. This is an indisputable fact.

As the world’s second largest economy and the world’s fastest growing consumer market, China needs to effectively introduce high-quality products, brands, resources, and management to serve the Chinese market and consumers. More and more Chinese companies, after relying on the vast local market for the first three decades, need to go to the international market and become truly stronger through mergers and acquisitions.

In “going global” and “bringing in”, there is a historical opportunity for China’s economy to further integrate into the world. Being on the world stage with masters is the only way for Chinese companies to truly grow, and it is also the use of capital power to enhance the internal vitality of China’s economy. The essential.

In today's economic globalization, the success of economic restructuring and industrial restructuring in any country or region is due in large part to industrial upgrading and industrial transformation, and promotes industrial upgrading and industrial transformation. It is inseparable from industrial financial capital. Equity investment funds are one of the representatives of many industrial finance capitals. In China, equity investment funds are a young and new area. Our entry is a result of careful consideration: China needs a professional, standardized, and stable equity investment fund management company.

Equity funds are one of the mainstream direct investment tools in the world and are the direction of future fund industry development. At the same time, along with the rapid development of China's economy, the society has accumulated a lot of wealth, more and more high-end investors, funds need to find new ways out of investment, in this context, many excellent funds by virtue of outstanding Performance is gradually gaining recognition from the market and investors, and is increasingly becoming an important investment channel for many investors.

As a member of the fund's investment, China Investment Industrial Limited. has been actively innovating and forging ahead since its establishment in early 2018. It has always been operating in good faith, constantly creating excellent results and gaining recognition from the industry, as well as investors and entrepreneurs. The establishment of a partnership of mutual respect and trust, insight into market changes from an international perspective, analysis of the ups and downs in terms of professional competence, and wisdom and perseverance have enabled the company to achieve a phased success.

The road is long and long, and I will seek it from top to bottom! Looking ahead, China Investment Industrial Limited. will continue to move toward the goal of “being a discoverer and creator of corporate value, committed to becoming the most respected “investment bank” in China and the world, with the goal of “professionalism, innovation, and rigorousness”. "Science and science" are the core values. They often feel humbled and self-reproached. They persist in ascending their lofty ideals, down-to-earth, with professional services and excellent results, and have repaid the trust and support that investors have always had.