Honor 2017 “Golden Central” Asset Management Business Best Performance Agency Award

The well-known Hong Kong stocks information platform, Chinese Asset Managemaent and , was jointly Hong Kong Financial Services Professionals Association organized by the Hong Kong Chinese Securities Industry Association, the Hong Kong Chinese Fund Industry Association, and the Hong Kong China Finance Association. A total of nearly 30 organizations participated in the selection and selected the most comprehensive brokerage companies. The brokerage business's best performance brokerage firm, the investment bank's best performance brokerage firm, the asset management business's best performance agency, the best internet innovation brokerage firm, the best brokerage research institute, and the best customer service brokerage company had a total of seven awards.

Asset Management Best Performance Institution Awards The judging panel rated the company's revenue, product size, and performance of the best 5 products (April 2016 - March 2017), and referred to Internet voting (20% Weights), selected by rankings.

Huaxia Fund (Hong Kong) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of China Asset Management Limited. It was incorporated in Hong Kong in September 2008 and is the first Chinese fund company in Hong Kong. Huaxia Fund (Hong Kong) is also the first batch of RQFII fund managers, and obtained the China Insurance Regulatory Commission's “Qualification of Overseas Trustees for Insurance Funds” in 2015, becoming the first Chinese-funded fund company to provide offshore investment management services for insurance institutions. As of August 31, 2017, China Asset Management (Hong Kong) currently manages and advises retail and institutional clients with assets of approximately RMB 43.4 billion.

As a overseas subsidiary of Huaxia Fund, Huaxia Fund (Hong Kong) is committed to the development of offshore business and overseas investment strengths, creating a comprehensive overseas asset management platform. Since its establishment in 2008, the company has achieved a comprehensive business layout and has established long-term funds, hedge funds, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), bond funds, special accounts, funds in funds (FOFs) and private equity investments (PEs). ) The complete product line of the product.

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